About us

Rescue the Wildness Foundation is a Polish non-profit and non-governmental organization generally oriented at conservation and improvement of nature and the Animalia in particular. The organization is led by a team of people of various views, beliefs and experience, who got united by a mutual passion – a lifetime goal to protect nature and conserve wild animal species in particular.

Both operations and formation of the Foundation are a response to an extremely important, yet often marginalized problems of the contemporary world, such as e.g. disturbed balance between humankind and the representatives of other animal species and impoverishment of biodiversity, including depletion of prey and natural habitats of animals.

The main rule the Foundation follows is a belief that the Earth shall be deemed home to all species residing here, no matter their position in the food chain. Therefore we strongly oppose all actions, which may cause extensive or intentional degradation of habitats or whole ecosystems. We believe that humankind can afford to coexist in the animal kingdom without causing a negative impact on representatives of other animal species.

Earth is home to about 8.7 million species, including 5,513 mammal species, and 1,119 of them are registered as endangered species, located in all 7 continets – for that reason the Foundation’s operations are not geographically limited and are conducted internationally. We believe that all species, even the ones, which inhabit the most distant places of Earth, are an element of the world’s nature heritage and all global citizens shall be proud of it, as well as every one of us shall foster and conserve them – that is why Rescue the Wildness Foundation is proud to protect such species as e.g. African lions, which live in the territories of Africa.


Mission of the Foundation is to support and improve the quality of the environment and nature through immediate and long-term operations, as well as through educating the society in terms of scale and importance of the issue of distinct degradation of environment.


Vision of the Foundation is a world where the humankind will function in complete homeostasis with the environment, especially with wild animal species.

Objectives of the Foundation, in accordance with its constitution and by-law are:

Charity, benevolent and educative activity related to: conservation of nature,environment, wild-living animals, wild animal species, particularly including the near-threatened species, vulnerable species and critically endangered species, elimination of cruelty against animals, humane protection of animals, protection of people from aggression of wild animal species, coexisting of humans and wild animal species.