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Lions are predators, which have been enthroned by humans to become the Kings of the Jungle, and despite the fact they avoid woodlands, they indeed deserve to be called that way: their roar can be heard from 8 kilometers and is the loudest sound emitted by any of the felidae, and their majestic manes, distinct dimorphism and ability to control vast areas of land purely confirm that thesis. It also has to be underlined that lions devote 20 hours a day for resting and sleeping – like real rulers.

Unfortunately during the last 20 years a progressing dethronement of wild lions occurred, and therefore their number shrinked from 100 000 individuals to just about 23 000 – simple calculation allows us to conclude that approximately around 3850 lions have been dying each year.

Since 1996 African lions (Panthera leo) are registered in the Red List of Endangered Species under VU code ­– vulnerable species, and the Panthera leo persica individuals, that is persian lions are registered under EN code – endangered species, and their population amounts to only about 500 individuals. Situation of West African lions, that is Panthera leo senegalensis, is even more tragic – there are only about 200 of them in the wild and they are registered in the Red List under CR code – critically endangered species.

Purpose of the Rescue the Kings Campaign is to undertake conservation operations of Lions, as well as operations oriented at achieving a balance between the humankind and the Panthera leo sp.. In other words – to achieve such a status, when neither lions nor people will be forced to get in each others ways. Vision of such operations is to achieve the population of wild animals to stop shrinking and start to enlarge.

Action plan for the year 2017/2018 mainly covers conservation and aid operations oriented at conserving the West African lions from extinction.



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