Wildness. Freedom. Beauty.

Three attributes, which are so important to the humankind, and yet they are so distant. Three attributes, which make our world unique and remarkable. Three attributes, which keep our environment from becoming a jungle of concrete.

– President of the Board

About us

Conservation, Development,

The foundation completes its objectives through a series of operations oriented at direct conservation of environment, nature and wild species, as well as at their improvement and improvement of their lives, and moreover through educating the society with regard to actual significance of our goals, that is i.a. an absolute balance in the coexistence of humans and wild animals.

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Rescue the Kings Campaign

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A lion is an embodiment of wisdom.

Conserve the Leopards Campaign

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A leopard – the symbol of strength

They are as different as chalk and cheese; however, one thing unites them: 

threat of extinction

It may be too late for them soon. Don’t wait!